Disease: Fungal Infection

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Disease: Fungal Infection Empty Disease: Fungal Infection

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If you always add aquarium salt to your betta’s water (1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per 2 1/2 Gal of water) and one drop of Aquarisol per gal, your betta will probably never get fungus. It is contagious, but bettas will more than likely recover if treated promptly.

Betta has white cottony like patches on its body or head. He may be less active, may have stopped eating, fins may be clumped, color may be pale.

Do a full jar water change. Add “Fungus Eliminator” by Jungle (included in our Betta First Aid Kit). These are crystals are dosage should be about 30-40 grains per 1/2 gal. Water should have a nice gold color, not too dark. Do not overmedicate! Change water every third day and add a new dose of same medication. Continue until all fungus has disappeared. Then switch to BettaZing (8 drops per gallon) to clean any other bacteria/fungus that may still be present.

for very stubborn or very fast invasive fungus use: Fungus Eliminator AND Bettazing TOGETHER, both at full dosage. (included in our Betta First Aid Kit) - Not very many fungus can survive this powerful duo!


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