Disease: External Parasites

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Disease: External Parasites Empty Disease: External Parasites

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If you do not add some aquarium salt (1 teaspoon per 5 gal) to your betta’s water to prevent parasites, your betta may get some parasites, but I cannot say it is common as I, personally have never seen the little pests in my fishroom (hehehehehe...). A reader sent me a photo showing his pet store betta with anchor worms near the gills and fins. It might give you a reference point. but note that each parasite has its own shape. The use of a magnifying glass will be helpful to help SEE them on your fish's skin.

It is easy to diagnose a betta with external parasites: It will dart and scratch itself against anything it can find, such as gravel, rocks, heaters, tank walls, etc… You may or may not actually be able to see the parasites themselves. Look instead for a behavioral change in your betta. If it looks like it is on speed or acid, then it has parasites!! Smile)))

Do a full water change for jars or a 70% water change for tanks. (To get rid of some of the parasites and their eggs, etc..). Add BettaZing (included in our Betta First Aid Kit) at the rate of 3 drops per quart (or if you prefer 12 drops per gallon).


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