Disease: Internal Parasites

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Disease: Internal Parasites Empty Disease: Internal Parasites

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If you feed live brown worms, you can easily give your bettas some internal parasites. Those are a real pest because you can’t see them, the bettas behavior does not change, except they start looking skinny despite the fact they are eating normally. This is a somewhat rare disease, meaning you may or may not have to ever deal with it.

Bettas are losing weight despite their eating normally. WARNING: there are other serious diseases that mimic internal parasites because the fish start looking emaciated (fish tuberculosis). So it is easy to confuse the two.

Do a full water change for jars or a 70% water change for tanks. (To get rid of some of the parasites and their eggs, etc..). In the past many serious hobbyists have used the same meds the vets give to dogs Metronidazole, with fairly good rate of success Smile. Aquatronics used to have Hex-A-Mint (same ingredient) but since they went out of business, we have to look elsewhere Smile. You can also try "Clout", but it is not as effective for internal parasites, although works good for ich and other external pests. You can also try BettaZing, as it contains an ingredient that has sometimes been effective against internal parasites.


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