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Post  Admin on Mon May 23, 2011 12:10 pm

If you find your betta is ill there are some important things to do right away. First of all, don’t panic. Like us, bettas get sick and like us, they have an immune system that can often fight off minor illnesses. Most betta illnesses are easily treatable. Please do not euthanise your pet just because it appears to be sick. Occasionally, bettas will get themselves into situations that appear dire but really are quite easy to treat.
It’s always best to have a variety of common fish medications around the house. Although probably untrue, it seems fish like they wait for the most inopportune time to get sick. [Like Friday night before a long weekend when no fish stores are open]
Brands of medicine differ depending on where in the world you live. I can make some recommendations for U.S. residents but you may need to ask your local fish store for an equivalent if they don’t have what I suggest.

A good start to have on hand are:
A gram-positive bacterial antibiotic [Maracyn by Mardel®]
A gram-negative bacterial antibiotic [Maracyn-Two by Mardel®]
A wide spectrum antibiotic [Kanacyn by Aquatronics™ (discontinued but many stores still carry it) or Maracyn-Plus by Mardel®]
An antiparasitic [RidIch-Plus and CopperSafe®]
An antiseptic [Aquarium salt or Melafix]
An antifungal [MarOxy by Mardel®]

There are many-many more medications out there and several brand names. I just mentioned a few of the more popular ones above.
Please do not medicate your betta without first properly diagnosing him. Doing so may cause more damage. Many fish medications are quite potent and giving unnecessary medicine can lead to a more serious problem.


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